Lessons plans for History of the World in Seven Acts by Michael Gandolfi

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Introduction for Teachers

Composers sometimes use works of art as inspiration for their music. For History of the World in Seven Acts, composer Michael Gandolfi worked with computer animator, Jonathan Bachrach. The music interprets images created by Bachrach. In fact, the music and animation are meant to be experienced at the same time. The animation uses repeated patterns, as does the music. But, to give the music interest, Michael Gandolfi uses certain musical devices:

  • contrasts in duration (long and short)
  • contrasts in dynamics (loud and quiet)
  • musical conversation (swapping musical ideas)
  • scales and scale-like passages (a series of notes going up and down)

After exploring these devices through the musical activities presented in the four lesson plans, there is a further plan for an audio visual project. Through this optional project the children create a visual image which is combined with their own musical composition. Suggested timings have been given to the four lesson plans contained within this scheme of work. Lessons 2 and 3 could be shortened by omitting the extension activities. Some teachers might like to show the children the film of the animation or the performance given by the musicians of Psappha before starting the scheme of work. Both films are available and included with the films for each lesson plan.

History of the World in Seven Acts
Music by Michael Gandolfi
Computer Animation by Jonathan Bachrach